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17 Jan 2019

Soulja Boy Drags Kanye West, Tyga, Drake and More In New Saga (Video)

Soulja  Drags Kanye West, Tyga, Drake and More In New Saga (Video)
Soulja  Drags Kanye West, Tyga, Drake and More In New Saga (Video)

American rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, popularly known as Soulja Boy is on a diss spree, and no one is left out.

It’s just two weeks into 2019 and just like 2017 (with Breezy) Soulja Boy has kicked us off with arguably the first celebrity feud of the year, taking shots at literally everyone.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club on Jan. 16, with DJ Envy , Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God , Soulja opened fire on everyone in the rap game, an unexpectedly Drake’s name came up.

“Why did Meek Mill have a bigger comeback than Soulja Boy,” Soulja asked. When the Breakfast Club crew pointed out that he had beef with Drake — “the biggest rapper in the world!” – Soulja stood up in disgust and became an instant meme. “Drake? DRAAAAKE? The n—- that got bodied by Pusha T? The n—– that’s hiding his kid from the world but the world won’t hide from his kid? Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? DRAKE? … Stop playing with me like I didn’t teach Drake everything he know.”

Soulja Boy

From there, Soulja rapped the opening bars from Drake’s 2010 hit, “Miss Me,” which blew Charlamagne’s mind, as he said it was the same exact flow as “Kiss Me Through The Phone,” Soulja’s song from 2008. “That’s Soulja! That’s my bar! He copied my whole f*cking flow! Word-for-word! Bar-for-bar! Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake.”

Soulja Boy threw shade at Tyga, who the Internet claimed had the biggest comeback of 2018. “Tyga? Tyga? Tyga? This n—- standin’ here wants to talk about Tyga. The n—– that lost his b*tch to Travis Scott? The n—-a that Travis n—ed in the b*tch and got her pregnant? Him? He had the biggest comeback? Because he did a record with Nicki Minaj?” When Charlamagne brought up “Taste,” the record Tyga did with Offset, Soulja wasn’t amused. “You know how many songs I have with the Migos?”
Speaking of Migos, Soulja said that he had the beat to their song “Versace” before they did, according to Vibe. He claimed he used the beat for his song, “Teach Me How To Swag Part II,” before they used it for their hit. “I called them n—-s and I was like, ‘yo n—-, that’s my beat. What’s up with y’all n—-s?’ ‘Oh my bad bruh, you know how Zaytoven [the beat’s maker] do. He sends every rapper in the game the same beat.’ And I was like okay, you know what? We got to make some music together. We got cool off that. That was 2012, n—-. I knew the Migos before Drake did.” Soulja also blasted Kanye West over Yeezy’s ego, his shoes and his alliance with President Donald Trump. “Kanye came in here talking about, “I’m Walt Disney,’ “ he said, per All Hip-Hop. “N—-, you ain’t none of that
Then why you ain’t come out with sh*t then. I came out with a whole video game console. I’m the first rapper to do that in history. You ain’t Walt Disney. You ain’t none of that.”

“I’m younger than you. I’m flyer than you. You crying on Twitter every week about Drake. You gotta stop that sh*t. You look lame. You look cap. Real street n—-s, young kids like me, and the generation looking at you like you goofy. You up here supporting Trump and sh*t. You supporting Trump? What the f*ck wrong with you? That sh*t not right. I done sat back long enough. I’m not holding my tongue no more. Kanye, call me. Get in tune with me ’cause if not, I’m gonna keep checking you. You need to stop supporting Trump.” “That’s cap. That’s not right. My folks went through too much sh*t for you to be out here doing this goofy sh*t,” Soulja said, before adding, “You none of that sh*t you claim to be until you show me. Only thing you did was come up with a pair of tennis shoes and them sh*ts ugly and they cost too much. All that Yeezy clothes, that sh*t ugly.” Watch the full video below: