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4 Jan 2019

Kaffy Speaks On How To Defeat Depression

Kaffy Speaks On How To Defeat Depression

Depression is eating deep into our society, ravages of depression and mood disorders is gaining more resistance and it is necessary that we guard our mental health.

This is one of the reason Dancer, Kaffy took to her instagram page to inform everyone that they can defeat depression.

According to Kaffy, she is talented, wealthy, and widely acclaimed but that did not immunize her against depression. She shared on her IG an encouragement to everyone and anyone battling depression.

Read what Kaffy has for you:

Please DO NOT BE PRESSURED . A lot is a lie . A lot is a manifestation of what they want to be . A lot is from insecurities.A lot is from depression not all smiley faces are happy faces.
Depression is real too many lives lost .
I faced depression I battled it and I won . You can win . First thing to do is not to let people define your happiness. We all have our races ,our paths are different ,first to do no mean last man standing o. If anyone run past u ,do better than you or have anything u want and don’t have , just wave and say “I will catch up” see ya later”. Your process is important don’t be in a hurry if u do you would lose the ammunition, the instruments u need to sustain the greatness and happiness you pursue.

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