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23 Jan 2019

‘I’m Dead,’ Sala Says Before Aircraft Disappeared (Audio) #Prayforsala

Sala #Prayforsala
‘I’m Dead,’ Sala Says Before Aircraft Disappeared (Audio) #Prayforsala

While search for new Cardiff City signing, Emiliano Sala’s missing aircraft is still ongoing, an audio message from the footballer, has been released where he described the plane as “seems to be falling apart.”
The plane conveying Sala and a pilot to Cardiff after taking off from Nantes disappeared near Channel Island on Monday. The light aircraft went missing from radar after requesting to descend.
The audio, claimed to be that of Sala’s conversation, released by Argentinian sports media outlet Olé, reported to be sent to a WhatsApp group chat reads in transcript:
“Hey brothers, how’s everything going? Brother, I’m dead. I was in Nantes doing stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff… neverending, neverending, neverending, neverending. So anyway boys, I’m now on a plane which seems to be falling apart.

“And now I’m leaving for Cardiff, crazy that tomorrow I’ll be training in the afternoon with my new teammates. We’ll see what happens.

“So how are things with you brothers? All well?
“In an hour and a half if you haven’t had news of me, I don’t know if they’ll send someone to look for me, because they’re not going to find me. But, you know…
“Dad, I’m so scared.”