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14 Sep 2018

Top5 Ways To Make Your First Song Go Viral.

Top3 Ways To Make Your First Song Go Viral.
Almost everyday we hear new viral songs by unknown artiste and we wonder how did he or she manage to do such with his or her first song.

It is not am impossible thing for you to only if u put the right things in place. Below are the #Top5 important things you need to put in place for your song to go viral.

 #1. First look for trendy word(s) get a very simple and nice beat. Better make the beat simple and nice so because every sound in beats has their different jobs.
This is the reason why producers are mostly advised not to always have too much sounds while making beats.
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#2. Write song with few words and make sure the trendy word(s) or sentence is being pronounce several times. This will get the word or sentence into people's daily singing.

#3. Get a good P.R:
Most times people feel getting a good P.R is big money. Actually, Top P.Rs are expensive but we still have plenty out there who can be of help with a very affordable price.

#4. Know your audience: In this case, knowing your audience is very important because your viral song could be political, Religious or Social.

*Political viral song: shows that you also want to catch to attention of one or more politician so your message could be heard.

*Religious viral song: you can't do a Muslim song and promote it on platform made for only Christian songs and same time, you can't do a Christian song then decide to promote it on a platform made for only Muslim songs. 
*Social Virial Songs: This is the most popular and easy to penetrate. Social is mostly taken in by large number of listeners because it is mainly for the public popularly known as  STREET. Social song is taken in by almost all religious minded because it has no indication showing that the song belong to any of the religious body or political.

It is very important to know your audience before putting out your craft.

#5. Create a dance step for the viral song: this is not really as important as the earlier listed 'must do', but creating a dance step for your song really help the song going a long way. Imagine someone thinking of that dance step the next song title that goes in their head is your song which is a reason why it is important to name your dance step after the song.

Thinking Of Going Viral With Your First Song? Try the tricks listed above. 

Remember to share your comments below and I will  check them out one after the other.

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