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15 Sep 2018

5 Top Secretes On How To Make A Hit Track.

Top5 Secretes On How To Make A Hit Track.
#1. One of the top secretes to make a HIT song is get a very good and well done beat, listen to it again and again and again, write out the maaad lines parading in your head and use those lines to write a complete songs.

#2. While Recording make sure your producer is a good song writer if not get one because that's the only way you can detect if a particular line goes well with another.

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#3. When you are done send the song out to people asking them to criticize if there is need to and look into every critics comment, try to fix.

#4.  Let a good sound engineer work on  to make professional standard.

#5. Quit Believing that someone is blocking you from shining. As long as the entertainment industry is concern no one stays at the top for ever All you need is put in good and hard work and when it's your time it will definitely be your time.

We all know promoting your song involves money but first the above listed 'must' are duty you must carry out (expecially #1.) to ensure that the basic things are in place before letting the world know about your new craft.4
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This is how all the top artiste release their hit track. Some even buy, beat, buy lyric and buy every best parts everything needed to make one massive part.

Don't ever feel writing on beat makes you incomplete, simply the easiest way.

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