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16 May 2018

- Davido's Girlfriend CHIOMA Is Ugly!

- Davido's Girlfriend CHIOMA Is Ugly

Since the outbreak of the name CHIOMA being Davido's girlfriend, i have heard several people saying she is not beautiful, some said she is just covering up with make-up.

It interest me to hear this though, because its shows you don't have to be beautiful for the right guy to find you. All you need as a lady is put up a good character and have a class (your personal reputation)

When you say she is not fine remember Davido who happens to be her boyfriend calls her "the finest of them all". You see just the face but he sees the rest of the 'Everything' that you don't see.

On this fine and Ugly issue, i cant say our dear Chioma is Ugly but i will say she is one of the best for be a 'For Keeps' lady to the OBO Davido. See Photos of Chioma Below:




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