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9 Nov 2017

Who Do You Think Is The Mother Here?

Kienya Booker isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. And a super young-looking mom. So much so, that people don’t even believe that she’s the mother of her two gorgeous children.

In a viral narrative that started when Booker first posted a “then-and-now” collage of herself and her two daughters, the natural hair guru is believed to be the long-lost triplet of her teenage offspring. Although the first of the throwback photos makes it evident that Booker is the eldest of the three, it seems that as her daughters K’Lienya and Kolieya Smith age, she simply does not.

“It was throwback Thursday on Instagram, and I decided to post a split picture,” Booker explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “The top half of the picture was a throwback of me and my daughters from about 12 to 13 years ago, and the bottom half was a more recent picture of us. And that’s when it all started.”

As many on the internet do, people began to make memes. Most of the captions, along the lines of “Did their mom even age?” were funny and flattering. But others got a little weird.

“I came across a lot of people saying, ‘She’s not the mom, she’s their sister,’ or ‘She probably raised her little sisters and took them as her daughters,’ or ‘People will do anything for fame,’ meaning I’m pretending to be the mom,” Booker says. Then some began to claim that she might have even been a teen mom, saying that she must have been 15 years old when she first gave birth — which she says she was not.

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