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19 Feb 2018

- Juliet Ibrahim And Iceberg Slim Breakup Rumors Surface

Rumours have it that the both might have parted ways secretly.

Last year, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and her boyfriend Iceberg Slim were all over the internet as they showed their love to the world and were on Joy FM and Juliet Ibrahim made some ridiculous statement.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, Ghanaians will never forgive Iceberg Slim if he breaks her heart because every Ghanaian wants to see their relationship succeed.

The activities of both Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim on social media seems to have dropped below normal.

Unlike Juliet Ibrahim who was always flaunting her boyfriend on social media, she has never put up a single photo of herself and her boyfriend ever since we entered 2018.

Not even one except pictures for promotional campaigns (I mean, endorsement posts for Oros fragrance)

Wednesday being a Valentine’s Day, one would have thought Juliet Ibrahim who is so romantic when it comes to showing affection would have shut the rumors by putting up some sort of romantic post for her Iceberg Slim, but Zero romantic words were heard from her.

Even though Iceberg Slim uploaded a photo of Juliet Ibrahim and showered his lover on her, Juliet Ibrahim ignored him.