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19 Feb 2018

- Donald Trump Blast FBI Over The Florida Shooting

Donald Trump Florida Shootings Could Be Avoided If FBI Not Preoccupied with Russian Collusion

Donald Trump did not disappoint ... he has pissed off the grieving victims and families of the Florida high school shooting by making the tragedy all about him.

Trump jumped on the shocking lapse of judgment on the part of the FBI by ignoring a call a month before the shootings, warning that Nikolas Cruz was a clear and present threat.  Trump decided to make it about the Russian probe rather than the tragedy, by suggesting the FBI would have nabbed Cruz if it hadn't been preoccupied with trying to prove his campaign colluded with the Russians.

Jimmy Kimmel sardonically fired back, "I hope the FBI finds and prosecutes the complete A-hole who hacked the President's account and tweeted this." Rob Lurie went further ... "My God. Before the children are even buried. You are not my president." Bill Oakley called it, "a new low in desperate sleaziness."